November 2018

Agiro Tosadar

World Champion 2013 and European Champion 2016


vs Agatha Bakasu




Booking a puppy  :

The booking of our puppies preferably occurs at our kennel, and always after knowledge and mutual evaluation. The reservation is confirmed by paying the deposit of 1500 Euros. The total cost of a puppy is 3000 Euros.
The choice of the puppy by the future owners can take place after the completion of the 60th day of life and the order of the list of reservations.

Delivery of the puppy :

The delivery of the puppy  takes place in the kennel, since it is necessary to the execution and delivery of documents. The puppy will be delivered to the owner who will provide all information necessary for the maintenance of healthy mental and physical and her puppy. Upon delivery of the puppy is required to pay the final balance.
Please note that all of our puppies are delivered exceeded 90 days of life and include the gfollowing documentation :
1. Health card / passport attesting first vaccinations and veterinary treatment performed or to be performed at intervals.
2. Microchip and registration canine registry
3. Visit veterinary check for breathing and joints
4. Certificate of Breed / Pedigree LOSM (shipped when ready)

5. Kit Puppy with feed dry / wet and various accessories for the correct transport and insertion of the puppy in the new environment. 


Previous Litters

Litter of 31/12/2017 - Agiro Tosadar x Agatha Bakusu

Agiro Tosadar - Agatha Bakasu


Litter of 16/12/2015

Fugo- C\'Elfriede


Litter of 13/11/2015



Litter of 01/06/2015

Fugo- Bellarosi


Litter of 26/03/2015

Baby - Fugo


Litter of 5/12/2012

Agiro Tosadar - Marta Marchisa


Litter of 28/09/11

Agiro Tosadar - Fatty Tosa Centrum


Litter of 13/07/11

Agiro Tosadar - Alisha Ogi


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