The Tosa Inu temperament

The dog’s nature

Tosa Inu carattereDespite being described as a “vicious dog” the Tos Inu is a tranquil, serene, dignified, and calm animal. It can be kept as a pet or as a guard dog, feared only by wrongdoers, while with its owner it is docile, good natured, and obedient; it is always moderate in its behavior even in a fight. The Tosa Inu temperament is that of a samurai, combative but honest, loyal and well balanced. This kind of dog can live indoors (where it is very reserved, clean, and tranquil) or in the garden. It does not need to move around much; however it does need physical exercise. In Italy dogs prone to biting have been imported almost exclusively, which often have nothing to do with real Tosa Inu dogs, because people have wanted to present this breed as a “killer” dog, giving it a bad reputation. There are also individuals with a good character, but you must be very careful when choosing a puppy.


Tosa Inu carattereFights among Tosa dogs in Japan have one basic characteristic: they are a silent “war”. The nature of the Tosa Inu is peaceful, even though it is considered dangerous; it is very much attached to its owner, it is a very alert guard dog, and it is very loving with children. In addition to being very protective of their owners, these dogs are renowned for their exceptional patience and devotion to their family. They have a good relationship with strangers, too, if they have been trained to be affable with everyone. These dogs tend to have a very high pain threshold, due to their origins. In fact they will rarely yelp if they are afraid or if they have been pinched while playing with children.

Tosa Inu dogs have a variety of aptitudes. They can be employed as guard dogs, for personal protection, as fighting dogs, or kept as pets. They are reliable, sociable, and intelligent dogs. They are very much attached to their owners and to those they consider friends. They blend tenaciousness with calmness and audacity, courage and composure. It is advisable for a Tosa Inu owner to have already had some experience of large dogs. Tosas are considered excellent playmates for children. They grow very fond of all the family members but are reserved with strangers, who they will however accept without any problems, if they have been well socialized (if it has been introduced appropriately). It favours family members, but it will welcome familiar guests in a happy and friendly manner. Both male and female Tosa Inus protect family members and keep them company, and their strong brave appearance is a deterrent against wrongdoers. Tosas show an extraordinary liking for children and will not bite them out of fear or pain while playing with them. However, it is good practice for an adult to be nearby when the dog and child play together.

Though they are reputed to be aggressive “killer” dogs, Tosa Inus are actually tranquil, sweet, and calm, especially with their owners. They make excellent pets and guard dogs, in fact only wrongdoers need be afraid of them. These dogs are loyal and balanced during the fights that take place in Japan. In fact in some areas fights are still permitted, but they are not as we may imagine them to be: they are neither “bloody” nor excessively violent, and it is almost impossible for a dog to be seriously injured or to die, because of the very strict rules that govern them.


Tosa Inu carattereThese dogs were used as war dogs in the olden days. Today they are employed as guard dogs and for personal defense purposes, and are much appreciated as pets. This breed is very well suited as a guard dog and for personal defense purposes. It is obedient and diffident of strangers. Tosa Inu puppies are always vigilant and reactive. Due to its nature and size this breed requires firm and well balanced training. Tosa Inu dogs cope well with a variety of activities according to the training they have received: they are good guard dogs, aid in civil protection activities, and are also very well suited for fighting; in the latter case you must be very careful, though the dog is docile with its owner and family, its aggressive nature will make it rather dangerous if it is not kept in check. This breed blends tenaciousness with calmness and audacity, courage and composure.