Tosa Inu Nutrition

Tosa Inu dogs love both meat and fish. They put on weight easily, so every owner should know whether their dog’s ancestors have had this kind of problem because it could have repercussions on their dog’s health.
For your dog nutritional choices are a very important issue that affects its health, but once you have found the right product you don’t need to change it for a long time. The constant use of the same kind of food will avoid many problems such as loss of appetite or obesity, intestinal problems or vomiting. The dog becomes familiar over the course of some months with the quantities that are necessary to maintain good health and meals can be left available to the dog at all times in its bowl. This does not imply a lack of attention towards the dog, to the contrary, it is a step towards its good health.
1) Kinds of food: dog food can be dry or moist (canned); in the first instance water comprises 9-10% of the weight of the food bought, in the second case 80%. In the case of both dry and moist food that is labelled as “complete” it must not be combined with other products or vitamin supplements that may alter the balance of the diet and thus the health of the dog itself. There is a category of food that is defined as “complementary”, generally rice or puffed cereal that must be integrated with meat, oil, or animal fat (not bread).
2) Composition: proteins, fats, vitamin supplements, minerals.
3) Dry dog food mainly consists of maize or rice, soya or meat flour, and seed oil, to which vitamins are added in precise percentages. Food that is rich in protein proportionally has a larger quantity of soya or meat flour and a smaller quantity of rice or maize.

 4) Appetizing food: dogs are mostly drawn to food with a high content of protein and fat. It is an element which companies dedicate a lot of research to because it influences sales. It must be pointed out that dry food is generally less appetizing than moist food.
5) Common mistakes: integrating the diet with vitamins, giving biscuits, sweets, and fruit or meal leftovers may be a treat for the dog and fun for you to watch, but it can encourage the insurgence of health problems. Recent research has definitively banned the habit, which is very common in certain areas, of making the dog fast for one day a week. Canned products for dogs do not always, as it is often believed, comprise meat, and the same rules of not integrating them with bread or rice apply.
6) Useful advice for the nutrition of Tosa Inu dogs
a) New products: the dog may have different reactions with an increase in appetite or loss of the same which should not cause too much concern. Wait for 6-7 days and check the faeces. Only if diarrhea persists should you stop giving the dog the new food.  

b) Thin dogs: check for the presence of intestinal parasites, if the dog sleeps outdoors or does a lot of exercise look for the same product with a higher percentage of fat. Temporarily you can integrate the food with a small dose of seed oil, which will make the food tastier and increase the number of calories.

c) Water: you must check the water bowl frequently, an incredible quantity of saliva, crumbs, and dirt gets into the water bowl making it an ideal environment for the development of bacteria. Wash it and replenish it with fresh water often. Remember that dogs suffer greatly for a lack of water.

Daily rations

The chart below is a useful tool for the correct nutrition of Tosa Inu dogs. The suggested daily rations are approximate and must be increased by 30% if the dog sleeps outdoors in a cold climate, if it is very tense, or if it does a lot of exercise. Also during pregnancy and when nursing puppies quantities must be increased up to 50% more than usual. The following table indicates the energy and quantity of dry food for an adult dog based on weight and/or size.

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